Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hong Kong Foodie Encounter

During the short Hong Kong stopover the subject of Tony Bourdain came up whilst the trio were at dinner, as Bourdain's series "No Reservations" is a great favourite of both MB & MDR. PB mentioned the Hong Kong episode which unfortunately MB & MDR has missed. One of PB's restaurateur mates, Frank (not "Harry" as previously reported), happened to be Tony Bourdain's guide in this particular episode.

Later in the evening, after leaving the Bhatti Bar, the trio came across the pictured Hawker stand just down the street from the bar. PB mentioned this was Raddie's favourite nosh spot in HK, so the trio stopped and sampled some traditional Chinese desserts, Black Sesame gruel and Coconut Sago porridge. A few minutes later Frank happened to walk by and PB beckoned him over so MB could quiz Frank on Tony Bourdain. Frank was very diplomatic, revealing that Tony was a very nice guy and quite the perfectionist.

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Paul said...

name was Frank - not Harry!