Friday, November 23, 2007

Interesting Observations

Anybody noticed those very tempting small red fruit in the supermarkets and greengrocers that look just like strawberries? They are even sold in little punnets at very inflated prices and labelled as "Strawberries", however when one bites into one of these delectable looking little fruits, one discovers a hard, crunchy and somewhat flavourless texture. Methinks these "strawberries" must have been GM'ed with apple genes and therefore really should only be marketed as "Strapples". Whatever happened to those delicate, fragrant fruit that a strawberry really is?

On a completely different tack and without segue, MB recently attended a book launch in Cairns, hosted by Cairns Library and tickets to the event were free. MB was running slightly late and on arrival thought that all of the seats at the event were taken, however on closer inspection noticed the front row of seats were all unoccupied so she perched herself there and was practically within touching distance of the author, Monica McInerney. Not that MB had any compulsion to touch the author mind you.

MB has noticed time and again that at an event or speech where the guests have not had to pay for a ticket to attend that the front row or rows are generally unoccupied. Conversely if these same folks had to pay for their attendance, then they would most likely be jostling for front row seats and probably paying a premium to do so!

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