Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last Night in Twisted River

MB has just received notification from her Library that the new novel by John Irving, Last Night in Twisted River, has arrived and is available for collection. MB will be the first borrower so she'll be able to caress this new book and drink in that crisp just bought fragrance. MB is positively salivating at the thought of burying herself in another of John Irving's spellbinding tales. Ever since discovering this author when she read The Cider House Rules, MB has sought out every book by John Irving and with the exception of The Water Method Man, has never been disappointed. Some of the recurring themes through Irving's stories are New England & Maine, bears, tortured relationships and of course very complex characters. His multi-layered story telling genius really makes you feel as if you are there inside the story and his humour has MB laughing out loud - to MB this is truly a marker for a great read.


MaryO said...

I like him too. Really like your pics! Found you via Cairns Blog. Cheers

MB said...

MaryO, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It's wonderful to find a fellow John Irving fan!