Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bruny Island Bastard

A beautiful, clear sunny day boded well for the MB team to visit Bruny Island. Access is via ferry from Kettering, about 5 mins from Snug. The pair planned to go across on the 9:30am ferry so arrived at the ferry wharf at at 9:10am which was packed with cars, buses, campervans, trucks and pedestrians.
MB paid the $28 ferry charge (return) and joined the queue. After some nail biting moments watching the ferry fill up, the car (Lancer) was beckoned in and squeezed into the very end of the deck of the jam packed ferry, but only by parking at an angle.
The crossing is only 20mins, on arrival there's a small wharf and a little kiosk, no town or anything very urban looking, so immediately one feels a long away from civilisation, a very pleasant feeling. MDR & MB hadn't really done any research but MB had seen a Berry Farm on the internet so they headed in that general direction.
After a while they spotted Bruny Island Cheese Company so swung in there to try and get some more information about the island. The very charming French lass at the counter was very welcoming and offered samples of their artisan cheeses, MB loved the "Bastard" cheese, a cows milk & goat's milk combo. Lovely French girl recommended a walk in Adventure Bay further south. Armed with some rye sourdough and a chunk of Bastard the pair set off.
Adventure Bay is at Southern End of Bruny Island on the windward side with brilliant white sandy beaches and crystal clear, azure water. The pair started out on a relatively flat walk to the nearby Grass Point then decided to explore further and walked up to Fluted Cape (elevation 272m). Photo above is taken just below Fluted Cape. MB encountered a Tiger Snake near the top, however it politely detoured away from her, she hasn't run so fast in years! The views from the track of the sheer cliffs and roiling sea are a delight. The walk is approx. 11.4km.
Returned to Adventure Bay at around 2pm, MDR was pretty hungry so the pair dropped into the local store and had a gourmet pie for lunch.
A visit to the Bruny Island Berry Farm was next on the agenda, looks to be a new venture run by two very switched on ladies. MB bought a punnet of fresh picked strawberries. Wasn't keen to pick her own as she was feeling pretty sun burnt after the long hike. MDR bought the pair a mixed berries in champagne jelly with Meander Valley double cream to share. It was just divine.
February is a fantastic month to be in Tasmania and a couple of weeks on Bruny Island would be wonderful getaway.

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