Sunday, February 21, 2010


Tasmania is brimming over with sweet, ripe, juicy blackberries. Everywhere the duo goes there are blackberry thickets - on roadsides, riverbanks, in gullys and climbing over walls and fences.  During a drive down to Kettering & Woodbridge today MB couldn't stand passing by any more blackberries just begging to be picked.  So they pulled up, got a bag and started picking blackberries, all the while keeping an eye out for snakes, blackberry thickets are a favourite haunt of those slippery serpents.
After picking about a Kg of berries, they headed back to base with a detour at the local shop where luckily MDR found some pectin, the shop owner didn't know what MB was talking about when she asked if he stocked it.
Back at Snug, MB got out the big pot, threw in the berries, sugar, juice of lime and pectin and an hour later had a beaut intensely flavoured blackberry conserve.  The jam is just marvellous on crepes with a dab of fresh cream.

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Corinne said...

yum, hope there is some left over for us to sample up here on your return