Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Checked out some local attractions today in Margate, just north south of Snug. MDR found a marina where an ex-RAN ship is berthed, the Curlew. It's now privately owned and apparently the owners live on board. MDR was pretty excited to see it as he had worked on this vessel when he was an apprentice at Vickers Cockatoo Island Shipyard. After the marina MB wanted to visit a nearby local native garden which is open to the public (she'd seen it on Gardening Australia), however on arriving discovered it was $12 each visit so opted instead to explore the 3 large second hand-shops just over the road.
The second-hand shops were fantastic. Jam packed full of all sorts of trash and treasure, MDR even found bone fid, yes that's "fid", which one of his mates is looking for - it's something to do with rope making, it was marked at $22 and he got it for $10.

MB found some retro apple box labels for $2 each at the adjacent and paid full price for a set of 3, then got into strife with MDR for not bargaining! She's planning to frame them for the River Cottage.

On the way back to Snug to pair took one last detour into the tip as they were told the Dump Shops are pretty good. Amazingly the shop was very good, anything and everything could be had there, quite a lot of very good house fittings, as well as the usual ephemera, books, kitchenware, old cameras, electrical etc. MB picked up a good non-fiction Vikings book for a buck. This will be a great reference for MDR who is on the sub-committee for this year's wooden boat festival in Cairns which has adopted a Viking theme this year.

New Norfolk also has a great cluster of antique and second-hand shops, MB, went into the Drill Hall Emporium yesterday and was blown away, it's a very carefully crafted emporium, almost like an olden days department store, one could spend hours there drooling over their wares, many of which appear to be sourced in Europe, France in particular.


Pedantic Pete said...

When I lived in Margate (up Van Morey Rd) I'm sure it was north of Snug!

Pete said...

By the way, I am really enjoying your greatblog. I'm amazed at how the area has changed. Thanks.

MB said...

Thanks Pete, glad so know someone's reading my posts.