Sunday, February 28, 2010

North Hobart

Movie time today, the pair went to the excellent State Cinema in North Hobart to see North Face, a new German movie about a German team's attempt to climb the north face of the Eiger in Switzerland prior to WWII. The State Cinema oozes ambience, it's a very small independent cinema complete with it's own eclectic cafe in the foyer.
North Face
was screening in Cinema 5 located in the basement, seating was 10 x 2 seater leather sofas with loads of leg room and one is able to take wine or coffee in. How civilised is that!
The movie was first rate, very chilly, lots of ice, snow and blizzards and when the pair emerged into the North Hobart afternoon it was appropriately cold, windy and raining. The record run of 89 days over 18c in Hobart has come to an abrupt end.
Pictured above is MB posting yet another postcard to her cherished grandchildren back in Cairns at the very
conspicuous North Hobart Post Office across the road from the State Cinema.

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Anonymous said...

North Hobart is just magic, moving soon? Velten