Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feral Oysters

Heatwave conditions in Tasmania today, top temperature forecast of 31c! Mr & Mrs MB decided to do some sightseeing around Blackman's Bay & Tinderbox Bay, which are just south of Hobart (north of Snug).
First stop was a little reserve on the water where a little picnic lunch could be had in the shade. MB made some gourmet veal & caramelised onion burgers which went down very well, but forgot to bring the ale!
MDR ventured out in the shallow water to collect some feral pacific oysters for his next course, luckily he remembered his oyster shucker. As you can see in the photo these pacific oysters are monsters. Oddly enough the pacific oysters are classed as feral oysters and there are ongoing campaigns to eradicate them. It appears that posses of blokes arm themselves with hammers and other suitable weapons then visit areas infested with the oysters and smash them. MB reckons she could team up with Mr Valley to bring groups of Chinese food lovers down to Tassie where they could gorge themselves on feral oysters to their hearts' delight!
Pacific Oyster Blitz
Over the next few months people may see the results of an interesting new project. The project, run by the Southern Coastcare Association of Tasmania - SCAT, aims to bring together local groups and Conservation Volunteers Australia to remove Pacific Oyster infestations from valuable areas of our coast. Pacific oysters may taste great but as an introduced marine animal can overrun an area quickly and spoil recreational opportunities and environmental values. For more information and to get involved in Coastcare, please contact Council's Bushcare Officer on 6211 8200

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