Monday, February 01, 2010

Tropical Paradise

Growing things in Far North Queensland is a breeze, just hang something on a spare hook, don't worry about watering or any care whatsoever and voila you will have amazing "greenery" in no time. Pictured is MDR's mildewed croc skin belt which he hasn't worn for a few weeks!


Jasse Walton said...

Hi there. I've just been cruising through your blog - found it via Cairns Blog. Very nice & chatty & interesting & I love good food as well, so interesting to me. Bruny Island looks fab - probably a great spot to get out of Cairns humidity for a cool summer holiday.

Leather & mould - what to do? OK, mix up a solution of half vinegar & half water (you can buy 3L thingies of cleaning vinegar at - Woolies, I think). Wipe down belt with solution, then put it somewhere warm to dry. You can put it in the sun, but not for long. Better to put it out of sun, as this can misshape or discolour leather if left out for long time.

Then go to a shoe repairers or such & buy a leather sealer. 'Tana' is a good on. Spray on sealer, maybe two coats. That should be the end of your mould problem. You can use this on leather or suede.

The vinegar won't alter the colour of your leather. Mould is a growing rhizome - vinegar kills off the bugger.

Even better - get some dehumidifiers installed in your wardrobe, linen closet, pantry, etc. You can get cheap ones from Wardrobe World (?Winkworth St) in Cairns - they will change your life up here in FNQ, believe me.

Good luck. Jasse Walton at Yorkeys Knob.

MB said...

Jasse, Thank you for your very nice comments and thank you ever so much for the leather tip. I had no idea you could seal leather against mould. Just in time too, I'll be able to prepare for next wet season.
We do have a dehumidifier in our wardrobe, must be too little or something...
Cheers, MB