Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Salmon Ponds

Whilst exploring the area north of New Norfolk yesterday Mr & Mrs MB detoured to the Salmon Ponds a heritage trout hatchery which is set in the most delightful gardens, in fact it should be called "Salmon Ponds & Arboretum", as there are over 50 species of very old, very beautiful and well established trees from all over the world. After a picnic lunch of steak sandwiches made by MDR with some plump cherries for dessert, in the shade of a massive Douglas Fir, the pair strolled through about the ponds. If you want to feed the fish you must buy some fish food, which of course the pair did. Each pond has different trout species as well as one pond with salmon. One of the trout species was an Albino Rainbow Trout, they looked quite freakish. MDR read on one of the signs that Salmon Ponds releases around 10 million trout fingerlings every year. The Salmon Ponds also has an excellent trout fishing museum that takes one back to another time & place. Well worth a visit.

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