Thursday, February 18, 2010

Masaaki's Sushi in Geeveston

MB & MDR stumbled on a very charming sushi restaurant in Geeveston (approx. 70klm south of Hobart) today. MDR peered in the window as the "closed" sign was up and lo & behold the proprietor, Masaaki, popped out to tell the pair that all the sushi had run out today.
MB exclaimed that it was such a surprise to find a Japanese restaurant in the deep south of Tasmania. Turns out Masaaki met and married an Aussie lass, Lucy, while she was teaching English in Japan.
MB noticed Masaaki was using local free range eggs and asked where he sourced them. Turns out they are supplied locally but not available to buy through normal channels. Masaaki however very kindly checked his stocks and sold a dozen to MB for a very reasonable five bucks.
Looking forward to returning for some sushi.
Stop Press: The eggs are amazing, huge orange yolks and so fresh. MB made some pancakes which were really yellow, totally unlike pancakes made with supermarket eggs.

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Jan said...

We had the pleasure of trying Masaakis sushi this weekend. Delicious, fresh and well presented. We found Masaaki to be friendly and passionate about his business. We wish him well and will be back again. Jan