Sunday, February 28, 2010


Another history immersion today for MB & MDR with a visit to Runnymede in suburban New Town, built circa 1840 on one of the first parcels of land allotted after the colonial settlement of Hobart.
The house is in nearly original condition and boasts some amazing features such as original wallpaper in one room which MB thought was 1970's Florence Broadhurst! There is a lovely complement of colonial furniture and a significant collection of scrimshaw and ivory ware. The last family who occupied the house for over 100 years were whalers who moved into shipping when whaling declined.
MB & MDR, the only visitors at that time on Sunday afternoon, were given a very comprehensive lecture by the National Trust attendant and are both now very well versed in early Hobart history.
That's MDR emerging from Runnymede's cellar after an unsuccessful search for some vintage wine.

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