Saturday, September 09, 2006

Expedition to the Interior

After days of planning and discussions the MB family loaded up the trucksters and hit the road for Charters Towers on Saturday morning, only 35 minutes behind schedule. Not bad for 6 adults and one baby.
At the last planning "meeting" the inland route incorporating a trip to the Undara Lave Tubes was cancelled in favour of the quicker (5.5hrs) coastal route. Amazing how one little baby can have so much influence.
The coastal route took the expedition party Townsville where they turned west to Charters Towers, which is approximately 120klms inland. Townsville has the temerity to proclaim itself the "Capital of North Queensland". This sign at the northern entrance to Townsville did not go unnoticed by some members of the travelling party. MDR feels it's been placed there, rather than on the southern entrance, just to antagonize the folks who live in that verdant jewel of a city 4 hours north of Townsville.

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