Sunday, September 17, 2006


En route from Townsville back to Cairns, I stopped in for lunch at Muddy's in Cardwell (07 4066 8133, 221 Victoria St. Cardwell Qld 4849). I'd heard good things about this place from MDR and I'm a big fan of crabs so I was really looking forward to a big feed of chilli crab.

The chilli mud crab was priced at around $70 on the menu which seemed a bit toppy. I was pretty hungry, however, so I went ahead and ordered one anyway. Here's a picture of the crab I was served;

Well, I must say, the crab was excellent. Cooked to perfection with just enough chilli so as not to overwhelm the taste of the very fresh crab meat. Was it worth $70? Definitely!

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Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your edition as well as Mud Crab at Cardwell.
I too couldn't help myself to eat that juicy crab, Indeed I was quoted $70, Neil does not eat that thing, so I negotiated to quote me the smallest one as my budget is about $45. They gave me a beautiful whole crab for $55.
Oh, well, together with a bottle of Champaign, I didn't leave one strand of crab meat and no drop from a bottle. That was the highlight of our 3day stay at Cardwell memory.