Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cadbury Backflip

Readers may be aware that Cadbury recently "dumbed down" their chocolate products by replacing cocoa butter with palm oil and reducing the block size. The paper wrap packaging was increased to a cardboard package to disguise the 10% decrease in size - whilst keeping the retail price the same.
The inclusion of palm oil has infuriated conservationists, particulary those concerned with orangutangs losing their rainforst habitat in South-East Asia to palm oil plantations. Cadbury claims the palm oil is from some sort of "eco-friendly" palm oil source.
Cadbury's lame and insulting excuse for the reduced block size is that it reduces one's "DI" or daily intake of a calorie laden food.
Needless to say all of the above has whipped up a storm amongst Cadbury consumers and today's press reports that Cadbury has backed away from using palm oil.
Picture above is a scan of an old paper wrap.


Paul said...

No more Cadbury for me - I've moved on to Lindt

Annie and Steve said...

Good one MB
Annie and I have moved to Lindt also.
I must admit I didn't notice the palm oil change but I did notice the block size and new wrapping.
What pisses me off is that these big companies think the public so gullible.
A good thing is that people are becoming more aware of this sort of fraud.