Saturday, December 01, 2012

Foodie Heaven in Shanghai

Every meal in our 10 days in China was wonderful!   MDR was able to indulge in lots of Chinese roast duck and even French confit duck.
All cuisines are on offer in Shanghai and it's hard to go wrong with food, prices range from a few yuan to completely over our budget and into the stratosphere.

The very fat mushroom dumplings in Huaihai Road were divine and MDR was able to go back to his Gallic roots with a Marseille pizza  at a Cote next door to La Petit Franck in the French Concession.  The petit pan au chocolat at nearby Farine (Franck's too) were to die for, and half the price of what we pay at home.

We really enjoyed the streetside kebabs in Xi'an at the Muslim Bazaar and also the home delivery to our hotel in Shanghai by Sherpas from Cafe Montmartre.  Sherpas were awesome, all of the local restaurants were listed on their website, pick your cuisine and place an order from the online menu and it's delivered to you for 15yuan plus the restaurant cost.

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