Saturday, December 01, 2012

Shanghai Shoe Woes

Anticipating lots of tramping around China, MDR invested in a sturdy pair of new 100% Australian made Redback boots. He has had a pair now for a couple of years that he wears to work and swears by them.
After 4 days in Shanghai we went to a standup comedy show by the Punchline Comedy Club at the ritzy 5 star Shangri La Kerry Hotel when MDR was nobbled by the Redbacks.  The damn soles started disintegrating and MDR was forced to slide around so the shoe soles wouldn't flap - not happy Jan!
The standup comedy was hilarious, Arj Barker was the drawcard but the two Brit comedians were actually just as good if not better.  The event was spiced up even more with a loud mouth Kiwi lass in the front row having to be ejected, she wouldn't stop talking and even claimed to the room that she would be more entertaining....
Kind of ironic that these very expensive Aussie made boots fell apart in China.  This forced us to go to the one of the knockoff markets near the Science & Technology Museum metro station the next day, where MDR bought a pair of "Clarks" and I bought a handbag. 
We made a narrow escape from the touts there, the worst we've ever experienced.
Visited the Science & Technology Museum which is housed in a fantastic glass building, the displays were fairly underwhelming though.

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